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This website is a guide created for designer's clients. Every company needs design elements to work properly and to advertise themselves. However, in spite of the importance of internet as a means of communication, a lot of information, tutorials, guides, tips or help intended for the client of a designer can't be found easily. That is to say, we may find quite easily tutorials, resources to download, forums, etc. that are intended for designers providing information and tools to do their job. The problem is that any design job also entails necessarily the active participation of the client and of his ideas, suggestions and objections and no information about this is available. In other words, there is a lot of material for designers and nothing for the client. As a result, designers have vast knowledge about this subject while his clients have no idea of how to participate in the job process and this can only lead to a defective piece of work.

Because of the above we have created this website: to provide you, the designer's client, the necessary information for you to intervene in the matter and work side by side with the person you hire and, in this way, obtain a quality design. The aim of this website is not make an expert out of you or to overwhelm you with useless information. Our only aim is to keep you posted about the basics of design, especially what is related to clients' participation. E.g. we won't show you how to change a CMYK logo design into a RGB logo, but we will explain the importance of this in the case we want to print a logo design.

Throughout this website you will information that will be really useful for you when you and the designer you hire start making decisions. Considering the client has the last word, it's highly important that he is informed and that he makes wise decisions without letting his personal taste and preferences interfere in the fate of the designs. However, this doesn't mean that you no longer need a designer. You still need to talk with the designer and work with him. The person you hire is not only an expert in design but he's also aware of your particular situation and will know better how to help you and recommend the most convenient marketing strategy. We only give you the necessary information for you to optimize the job -as regards time, money and quality- and not to replace the designer. We believe that this website will save the designer the trouble of explaining a lot of things and will help him do his job more fluently, efficiently and fast.

On the different pages that make up this website you will find specific information about specific subjects that you will find quite interesting. If you find that some information seems to be trivial or unnecessary, we ask you to be patient. Just as we will provide straightforward and practical information, we will also have to deal with obscure information that will work as an introduction to other more important subjects. Our aim is not to show that we know a lot, but to provide you with concrete, practical and effective advice. However, at time, it will be necessary -sometimes important- to put aside what is strictly practical to make out point.

As we were saying, this website is divided into sections dealing with specific subjects. We recommend you read all of the sections in the given order as the organization of this website has a learning and useful aim. However, as we know that reading on the internet is not the same as reading a printed text, and we don't usually respect the order, we have written every page in a way so that you can read them independently from the others. "Logo Design" deals with the basics of the design of your company's representative image. "Web Design" will deal with this branch of graphic design and will explain all about websites. "¿What is a Website for?" will explain the three main functions of this effective marketing tool. "Corporate Identity" will explain what this is about in a way that will allow you to conceptualize your company's design strategy. Finally, "You and the Designer" will provide tips and standards and examples of the most common problems that you should avoid as regards the relationship with the designer to obtain a successful design job.

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